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Seth Lippman

Seth Lippman

Director, Software Development at Oracle

I am a live music enthusiast with a diverse taste that spans drum and bass, jam bands, and various electronic genres. Alongside my passion for music, I am a productivity aficionado specializing in software development and process automation design. My career journey began in Hollywood visual effects, then transitioned into software development for cloud scale infrastructure orchestration. Think – the Elastic Stack and the Chef Infrastructure Suite. These days, I focus on custom Cloud automation, leveraging Python APIs and designing configuration management pipelines while always refining my skills in process design, team building, and stakeholder relationships.

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Use Docker to Provision Multiple WordPress Websites on a Single Server

This post will demonstrate using docker to provision two stand-alone SSL-secured WordPress websites with different root domains on a single server.  Both websites are backed by individual Oracle MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin interfaces.[pac_divi_table_of_contents...

Fixing VS Code SSH Connection Failures

I use the Firewalla Purple Firewall/Router. I am unsure if that has anything to do with this issue I often face, but I figured I'd mention it. Also, I'd like to mention that the Firewilla Purple is a fantastic device that I highly recommend. I also use VS Code as my...

Snowfall over Gorgon City

This was the second time Stacia and I have seen Gorgon City, and the second time we've seen them at Red Rocks. Immediatly after our first Gorgon City show, which featured an appearnce by Drama, we knew we'd come back any time Gorgon City played at Red Rocks.  What we...

Breakfast, Breakbeats, Birthdays, and Tim Burton

I was reading through online posts celebrating my partner Stacia's birthday when a social media platform notified me that it was also my friend Simon's birthday. Simon is someone I used to go to Drum & Bass shows with in London whilst attending university there in...